Here at Brettle Development, I'm interested in several kinds of development. First and foremost, as a homemaker and father to 2 young children, I'm interested in child development. Second, since I don't have a traditional job, I have the luxury of spending a fair amount of time on my own personal development.  This includes, everything from staying healthy, to financial planning, to becoming a better husband and father. Third, I'm interested in software development, particularly free and open source software development. This site contains information related to all 3 kinds of development.

Recent Free and Open Source Software Development Posts

  • NeatUpload Has Moved to CodePlex NeatUpload ™ is an ASP.NET component that allows developers to stream uploaded files to storage (filesystem or database) and allows users to monitor upload progress. It is open source and works under Mono's XSP/mod_mono as well as Microsoft's ASP.NET implementation.  In 2010, after developing NeatUpload for 5 years, I moved on to other endeavors.  The project is now hosted at CodePlex under the stewardship of Joe Audette I no longer use the code myself and haven't looked at it since 2010, so I am no longer qualified to answer any questions regarding it. Please refer to neatupload.codeplex.com for support.
    Posted Jan 23, 2012, 4:32 PM by Dean Brettle
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Recent Child Development Posts

  • Algorithm for Taming an Almost 4 Year Old [NOTE: I originally posted this to my old site in 2005, but I have received occasional feedback about it ever since, so I'm copying it here.]Lately, Julia's behavior has been getting increasingly frustrating.  She's taking Joshua's toys away from him, running into the street by herself, throwing tantrums over the smallest things, not doing what she's asked (or doing it at a snail's pace), and generally being obnoxious.  I suspect there are a variety of causes, including sibling rivalry, attention seeking, limit testing, and perhaps some sort of physiological change which makes it harder for her to control herself.  No matter the cause, her behavior puts me in a very bad mood and ...
    Posted Jan 23, 2012, 3:14 PM by Dean Brettle
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